Privacy Policy

Tweetgen respects your privacy, so we are transparent about our privacy practices.

If you do not agree to any part of the privacy policy, or to the Terms of Service, then you may not use Tweetgen.


Cookies are small text files put onto your computer by websites. Currently, Tweetgen does not use cookies.


Tweetgen collects basic data about user requests for analytics purposes. This provides us info about number of users, devices, browsers, countries, etc. that are connecting to our website. This gives us information about how people use our services so we know how to improve them.

Cloudflare Web Analytics collects this data on our behalf and makes some of it viewable to Tweetgen. Cloudflare Web Analytics is a privacy-minded service that is designed to be non-invasive. It does not place or read cookies, and does not track users across sites. Tweetgen is only shown an aggregate of this information and cannot track individual users.


On the support page only, a CAPTCHA is used. This is to help identify and deny service to non-human users, in order to deter automated programs from spamming our suggestion form. This service is provided by hCaptcha, which may collect some user data, such as mouse movements, keyboard inputs, and responses. This data is only used for their service and is not sold to advertisers. See hCaptcha's privacy policy for more information. Again, this is only applicable to the Support page.

Other data

Tweetgen stores minimal other data about you. Currently, the only other data we store is suggestions that are entered in the support page. This is so we can see your requests, and this data is stored lawfully and protected against unauthorized access. We do not store anything else, such as your generated Tweets, and currently have no implemented method of doing so.

We are committed to operating our website in a way that protects your privacy, while delivering a fun and useful service to you.

(Last updated July 21, 2021)