Privacy Policy

Tweetgen respects your privacy, so we are transparent about our privacy practices.

If you do not agree to any part of the privacy policy, or to the Terms of Service, then you may not use Tweetgen.


What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files put onto your computer by websites. They are essential to many websites and allow them to create a better user experience, such as by personalizing your experience or remembering what you are doing. They can also allow websites to insert personalized advertisements or analyze who is using their website.

Click here for more info about cookies, and what you can do about them.

How does Tweetgen use cookies?

Tweetgen uses cookies from third-party services to understand where our traffic is coming from so we can create a better experience for you.

Specifically, we use Google Analytics. Google places cookies on our site to analyze traffic. Some of the things it analyzes include: how users found our site, how long they stay on our site, what browser and operating system they are using, and their approximate (not exact) location. Tweetgen can then see an aggregate of this data, which helps us understand the usage patterns of our users and how we can improve our site based on that. See Google's privacy policy for more info about how Google uses your data.

Tweetgen also uses cookies by Osano's Cookie Consent. This is simply to remember when you have accepted our cookie consent popup, so it doesn't have to bug you every single time you go to this site.

We use cookies from third-party services to understand where our traffic is coming from and to create a better experience for you.

Other data

Other than cookies, as mentioned above, Tweetgen stores minimal other data about you. Currently, the only other data we store is suggestions that are entered in the support page. This is so we can see your requests, and this data is stored lawfully and protected against unauthorized access. We do not store anything else, such as your generated Tweets, and currently have no implemented method of doing so.

We are committed to operating our website in a way that protects your privacy, while delivering a fun and useful service to you.

(Last updated December 20, 2020)